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17/09/18 - Last night the Director, Editor, and Sound man all sat in a darkened cinema to watch the final project on the big screen. It was hard to hear anything over the cheering and gushing. The film is AWESOME! We look forward to a private screening for cast and crew this Saturday.


Hi, all. Yes we can confirm that the movie is finally finished. While our Director was overseas chasing contacts in LA, our Editor was putting the final spit an polish on. We have a private screening for cast and crew booked in a local movie theatre.

The next question is how to take it to market. While we are struggling to get connection with High Octane Films, we need to look at other options. Certainly film festivals are a key opportunity, and the team will be sitting down to plan where we do our premier release. Unfortunately there are a few that we have missed out on, such as Adelaide Film Festival, but there are many opportunities still up for consideration.

10/07/18 - MAJOR UPDATE: Hi, all. We have managed to clean/insert all dialogue audio except for a single scene. We are looking closely at what options we have to recover that scene but unfortunately the Camera audio is too different between takes, the lines too complicated to dub over, and re-shoot a year later is out of the question.

Once that is done, the next step is to match up SFX do final tweaking, and then we have a MOVIE!

09/06/18 - We now have "Cleaned" sound (as much as I can) up to scene 34. We are still exploring options to avoid having to dub in 2 entire scenes of conversation. Rodney and I are meeting on the 17th to start to integrate the audio into the master cut.

We are still in communications with High Octane films, and they are still sounding very interested. I believe we have given them a rough draft of the movie so we will see what they come back with after they have seen what we have.

09/05/2018 - Time for a good news, bad news, good news update.

Firstly, we are progressing with the audio editing at last. We have now completed the clean up of around 20% of the sound in the last fortnight. Good news! In the process we have found that four of the scenes on the Yelta no longer have audio associated with them. Somewhere in the transfer and recover of files we have lost half a days worth of audio. This is bad, and means we will need to get some of our cast back in for some mad dub action. However, we have been contacted again by our American distributing agency who are still keen to discuss distribution options. That is great news.
We are also going to be casting on the 19th for Echoes, a short film we are doing over the June long weekend.
More news ass we get it.

10/04/2018 - As many of you will be aware, there have been health and technical issues plaguing the Antaries sound editing. Each time we have a break through we find another hurdle. Currently we are looking for Sound files which are not in the expected folders; moved, never copied, lost in recovery, only on one person's machine. We are crawling forward, but it is a bit like Cargo's scene in the cargo bay; a lot of noise and fumbling in the dark without getting a feeling we are getting far, always with the view of the exit dangling in the distance.


13/03/2018 - Update - The Sound Editor and Director spent all of Monday working on getting as much of the sound synced as possible. So far we have only reached scene 8 (of 53). The Production team then met to discuss a plan to meet the Adelaide Film Festival deadline. We felt that we could not guarantee a product that was at a standard we would be happy with, inside the time frame we have available. Given the purpose of the Festival is to show our best work for peer review, we have decided not to pursue that at this time.

This means that we will keep working on the Antaries until it is at a quality we can all be proud of. At that point we will look again at which avenues we will be able to release to. We recognize this is not what many people were hoping for, and ask that you remember that Post Production takes time. It took us a year to film, working around people's lives and commitments. It could easily take us as long again in post.

15/02/2018 -SO... we are getting to the pointy end. We now expect to have the movie completed some time prior to July 2018 (exact date pending). This means we need to start considering festivals and distribution. Unfortunately, some festivals require exclusive preview privileges. For example, to get into the Adelaide Film Festival, we need to agree not to publicly broadcast in any media prior to Oct 22. This may impact on our dealings with High Octane Pictures in USA/Canada. We are looking at options, and should have our first fully completed scene by Friday.

08/01/2018 - Hi all. It always seem slow when you are in post production, but here is an update so you know how we are progressing.

Our sound editor has had some significant setbacks, and this is our major blocker at the moment. We are still waiting on an ETA for the audio cleanup that is needed to remove traffic, bird song, background noise, etc.

Three Indegogo patrons are yet to receive their full rewards, despite our best efforts. Thank you for your continued patience while we work through these issues.

Our CGI and Green screen is finished except for one scene which I am waiting to hear back on. Then it is just a matter of slotting those in to the place keepers in the master cut.

We have three artists providing music for us and we have most of that already returned and ready for insertion.

Our big news is that we are talking with High Octane Pictures about options for international marketing.

More news as we progress.

23/10/2017 - After a slight set back with the music, we now have 3 composers turning their hand to our film. We actually had to turn down a couple of very talented people. Our editing is continuing with the green screen work and sound creeping along, but continuing forward. Curse you real life for getting in the way! There have also been some initial contact with a distributor in America, though nothing concrete there, yet. Our agent at AAA_Talent (ooh, look a plug) is looking into that. So we continue to move forward!

23/10/2017 - We have completed filming on Saturday; the movie is "in the can". Now we do sound edit, video edit VFX, VO, SFX, score, colour balance and final editing. For now our cast can relax and move on to other projects after a year of hard work. Hopefully we will have opportunity to bring them all back again soon. Due to the setbacks in the filming schedule, we do not expect to have the final edit ready by Christmas 2017, which has been our hope. We will update you with a planned release date and method when we are closer to the finish line.

We have also extended the Indegogo campaign at the request of some supporters who wanted a few more days to chase up some more backers. Please spread the word and give generously. The more money we can have the faster we can release and the more market coverage we can get.

19/10/2017 - We are two days from completion of filming and four days from the end of our Indegogo campaign. Once we have all of our footage, the hard work of editing, colour balance, audio, VFX, SFX and score all come into play. We want to get this finished for a 2017 Christmas release. If we can there is already interest from one TV station to run it as a 2 part tele-movie. We can't do it without support. Please tell your friends and give anything you can. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/antaries-post-production-horror/x/15713308#/

06/09/17 - Mugs and cups are all sorted and on their way to us. Post-production support page will go up this Saturday.

Good news - Another amazing shoot last weekend. We got our big firefight done despite illness in the cast and some last minute changes. All our CGI is now in, and we have footage for most of the movie now. Only one more day of filming left!

Bad news - Due to illness and scheduling difficulties we have had to lose one of our actors. It is a disappointment, as she has been with us from the beginning and is a huge fan of the genre and this film. We still consider her a part of our cast/crew, and hopefully we can get her back in if we do the prequels.

06/09/17 - After a number of unforeseen setbacks, we are finally getting our Indegogo rewards ordered and sent. Hopefully the mugs will start arriving in the next few weeks. The Caps will take longer, as we are still having issues with the graphic. After we have fulfilled the first lot of orders we will begin our Post-Production campaign.

We are also doing our second to last day of filming, our big shooting scene, this weekend. In preparation we are working on updating this site with improved Bio's, graphics, and the trailer video.

28/08/17 - Good day of recording on Sat. Didn't get everything we need, but we got most. Two more weeks and we will be shooting in Reynella. A month after that and we're in Adelaide Airport. Then we are onto editing!

26/08/17 - Last of the VO recording and grabbing some Green screen footage today. Creeping ever closer to the finish line. Only two more days of filming after today.

10/08/17 - Second to last day of filming confirmed for Sat Sept 9th., thanks to National Storage Reynella. Absolutely supportive staff from front desk to head office. Brilliant location, given to us for the price of their name in the credits.

After that, there is only one more big day of shooting for everyone and the movie is in the can!

13/06/17 - It has been a long time between updates, but we are still here and we are still filming. Here is the newest trailer for Antaries, with extra crew and better ship footage: https://youtu.be/r-w6zLcKPbo

23/03/17 - Filming is set to commence again tomorrow at the QEH and on Saturday at Parafield. We have been very blessed with both locations and need to make the most of them while we can. The temptation is always to push for more footage and more shots, but we need to be aware of time limitations, and pushing cast and crew for quantity at the expense of quality.

10/03/17 - Filming recommences in just two weeks! After that we will have most of the movie in the can.

03/03/17 - There is a short period of down time in production as a number of our cast are called away to other commitments. Our Editors are already working hard on the footage we have, and our writers are producing extra material to expend the universe. We already have a feature length version of the script and a 6 part web series.

23/02/17 - We are starting our last round of rehearsals tonight. We may also have found an option on those Corridors we have been missing. Filming resumes in one month, and we are already hard at work editing what we do have.

21/02/17 - Our first round of crowd funding has ended and raised just over $500. That almost covers our very low pre-production costs. If you haven't had a chance to be part of the film by donating, then rest assured we will have additional drives and they will be advertised here.

17/02/17 - We have finished our first day of shooting and editing is already well underway. We have locked down the cut for Scenes 8, 19 and 38. We only have two days left of our Indegogo campaign, so now is the time to go and look for yourself as well as getting the word out to as many as have ears to listen.

10/02/17 - First shoot day tomorrow. The expected temperature has gone from 40C+ to as low as 29C depending on which service you ask. Needless to say this is a huge relief to the cast and crew who were filming in a metal box for 8 hours. It will still be warm and stuffy, but hopefully the river will act as a heat sink to cool the air.

02/02/17 - Final production meeting, yesterday, before our first day of shooting next Sat. Feeling really encouraged by the range of experience and enthusiasm on the team. Everyone is keen to just get in and get some footage in the can.

30/01/17 - A lot going on this week. Our Indegogo crowd funding is underway. We have had our first glance at the Antaries. Our final pre-production meeting is happening on Friday. We have sourced a sound recording studio for our computer voice over and a couple of options for an original musical score.

28/01/17 - We have our first glimpse of the Antaries. Our VFX team have put together some initial renders to give a very basic idea of the shape and contour. There will be some polishing and additional elements, but she's looking good.

20/01/17 - We are live on Indegogo! Please visit our site and become involved further: https://igg.me/at/Antaries/15713308

16/01/17 - An amazing rehearsal session had yesterday. The crew all have a very consistent feel and there is already a lot of growth of character we are finding. We took some rough video for study and it is very exciting to watch even this raw rehearsal footage.

11/01/17 - Wow, what a day we had. Visit out to the Yelta, production meeting, and new options for venues to explore on Saturday before rehearsals start Sunday. Stay tuned for new promotional pics.

10/01/17 - We are back from our various Christmas holidays and straight back into the action. Within the next week we hope to have our second production meeting, second visit for cast to locations and first scene rehearsal. We are also polishing our first Indegogo campaign for release later this month.

23/12/16 - We have locked in the date of our first film shoot on the 11th of Feb. It is a closed set so won't be putting up any more details here; don't want to have to employ security to keep a thousand screaming fans away.

19/12/16 - So, for any of you who weren't aware, some of the production team and a few of the actors went on location over the weekend to test out night shoot conditions, shoot some promo pics, and just get a feel for where we are working. The pics and videos are now with our VFX team and Editor. As they become available we will put them up on the web sites.

14/12/16 - We are now on IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt6330436/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

10/12/16 - Small turn out, but very good night of movie watching. I think for those few who had not seen the movie, Antaries now makes a lot more sense. I do thoroughly recommend the Ridley Scott movie Alien. Costumes are coming together as well.

08/12/16 - The cast and crew are having their second get together this weekend to watch some inspiring Sci-fi horror. Then next weekend we will be visiting our Parafield filming locations so the cast can get a feel for where we are working and the crew can begin to look at light levels and camera angles for the night shoot in March.


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